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Online registrations are now open via My Football Club.  If you any queries please please contact our club registrar registrations@phfc.com.au 
11th July (Tue) McDonalds Fundraising Night - McDonalds Padstow - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
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COME JOIN THE MIGHTY HORNETS IN 2017! Registrations are now open! All welcome, Junior & Senior Players, boys, girls, ladies, men & complete teams. Every player receives a free Hornets Club hoodie Players required for Under 7’s, 10’s, 11’s, 13’s and the 14 Ladies are also looking for extra players  
Welcome everyone to a new season. As you are well aware, rego is open so please don’t hesitate to register asap so we can organize teams and get things to go as smooth as possible. Trial games have been organized for March so keep an eye on the web site for details. We look forward to working with you all so we can all have an enjoyable season. This year I hope to get around to as many team’s games as possible and meet the coaches ,managers and parents. I will  be seeking your feedback and please remember that it is your club, so please don’t hesitate to see any board member with suggestions. We are always looking for new ideas and new blood so please don’t hesitate to come forward and get involved if you wish. This year you should find the web site more active so please access it regualrly to find information as required. We will be putting up important dates etc very shortly as we move to get things booked very early this year. All in all look forward to seeing you around the parks Regards Tappo.
Stuart 1 is closed for training for the month of March Between Curl Grubs and irrigation issues, Stuart 1 is not in the best of shape.The Club has made the decision to close the field to give it a chance to recoup after treatment and the soaking it is currently receiving from the heavens. This will cause a bit of a tight squeeze on Stuart 2 and the Mini field for training, but we ask for your assistance to ensure we can get Field 1 in the best shape possible to last the season. If we can’t get Stuart 1 up to scratch it will mean no home games for most teams.
TRIAL GAMES CANCELLED Trial games scheduled for Sunday 19th March have been cancelled due to the weather & field closures. Enjoy your weekend & hopefully this will be the last of the big wet until the season is over.