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To become a Life Member of Padstow Hornets FC, a person must have rendered distinguished service to our Club or Football. All persons listed on this page have done so, from our beginnings as Padstow Park Soccer Club & Padstow RSL Soccer Club to when both clubs amalgamated to form Padstow Hornets FC. We thank wach & everyone for their over & above services to Padstow Hornets FC.
Year Name 1972 Geoff Bogg 1980 Alex Bogg 1981 Noel Yates 1982 P.Farrell 1983 K.Shaw B.Gould Frank Wren 1985 Trevor Creber 1988 P.Yates 1998 Stephen Marsden Derek Ruseell Ron Milne 2000 Michael Dowd 2002 Grant Burr 2004 Alan O'Leary Alan Cohen Brian Martin 2008 Ray Lovat Greg Bevan Stan Allatt David Baker Geoff Taplin Wendy Wren Bill Cklamovski Dennis Kovac Kevin Graham Peter Yabsley John Meredith Cassandra Gebetsberger Tony Woods Darren Kermond Jennie Bateman Stephen Bateman 2014 2017 2019 1999 1984 2006 2009 2010 2011