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COACHES CLINICS BDAFA conduct “Junior License” coaching clinics for new coaches and managers during the year (numbers permitting) and have a comprehensive coaches library,including cd’s, dvd’s & manuals to draw on. COACH & MANAGERS RESPONSIBILITIES Any parent,player or friend willing to coach or manage a team will be welcomed. Coaches and Managers will attend a meeting to be instructed in the correct procedures for the operation of a soccer team according to the rules set down by Bankstown Association and Padstow Hornets prior to the season commencing. PARENTS RESPONSIBILITIES During The season teams will be nominated to undertake ground set up, take down and canteen duty. All the teams must fulfil their responsibilities in this regard as it is a very important aspect of the clubs operation. A roster will be established which will be used during the season.  Any teams that do not fulfil their obligations during the season will be required to explain  their reasons to the committee and may be subject to further action. Parents will also be required to abide by the rules and regulations of Padstow Hornets  Football Club and Bankstown District Amateur Football Association. INSURANCE All players are covered by an Assoc Insurance Policy and as such the club passes on the part of the registration fee to the Association to ensure that each player is covered for injury  etc. All our players must pay their registration fees prior to participating in Club Activities, which includes training, trial games and competition games. should a member be injured without having paid and completed their registration, they may not be insured. Players 17 and above are charged adult insurance rates unless they are full time students and can produce a student identification card. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Each year there is a bye for junior teams on the weekend in the middle of the school holidays (subject to advice from Bankstown Assoc.). We ask that if you intend on going away, keep this in mind and make your child available for the Saturday game at the end and start of the holidays. Additionally BDAFA hold School Holiday clinics which Padstow Hornets willnotify you off accordingly. OTHER CLUB ACTIVITIES Hornets conduct a Charity Golf Day each year in early September. All members and friends are invited too play with part of the proceeds of the day donated to a local charity. The day consists of breakfast, golf, lunch, Auction, raffles and prizes for golf. Details available closer to the date.McDonalds Padstow also hold fundraisng nights for Hornets with a percentage of the sales given back to the Hornets. Dates available on our News & Events page TRAINING Stuart St Reserve is open for training on Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday & Friday afternoons/ evenings. Each team will be allocated this will be left to the discretion of the individual teams via the Coach or Manager & Committee. In the event of rain/bad weather Bankstown Council may close the fields. for field availablilty please call 1300 655 180. This recorded message is updated daily at 3pm. please note that the Padstow Hornets Board may also close the fields, in which case the General Manager will notify Coaches & Managers accordingly.
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