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Padstow Hornets & BDAFA have a number of policies that are binding on all particpants involved with football within the Bankstown District extending to players, coaches, managers, officials and spectators. Drinking on Duty This policy covers the consumption of alcohol by players and officials before or during their participation in a match Spectator Behaviour Policy This policy outlines the expectations placed upon spectators if they choose to enter BDAFA venues. It also emphasises to players, teams and the Padstow Hornets Club that they are responsible for the behaviour of their spectators. Social Media Policy This policy aims to provide some guiding priniciples to follow when using social media for football purposes within BDAFA. Players Code of Conduct Coaches Code of Conduct Officials Code of Conduct (Managers, Team & Club Officials) Parents Code of Conduct FNSW Hot Weather Policy FNSW Lightning Policy
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