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© Padstow Hornets Football Club 2020

Working With Children Check

NSW Office of Children’s Guardian Announcement - 27 March 2020

The NSW Office of Children’s Guardian has extended all WWC Numbers that were due to expire from 26 March 2020 to 26 September 2020 for a further 6 months. The six month period applies from the date of the person’s current expiry date. Further extensions may be applied should they be needed. To check when your WWC Number expires, phone NSW OCG on 02 8219 3777.

Applying for a Working with Children Check

All Coaches, Managers and Volunteers need to provide the Club a copy of their Working with Children Check Number. Click on the Office of the Children’s Guardian logo to be taken to the application page. Once you have your WWC Number, please send it to registrations@phfc.com.au so the club can verify it.

WWC Exemptions

Exempt from the WWC Persons under 18 years of age Grounds persons Guest presenters or speakers for one off presentation Persons who volunteer with children visiting NSW from another State to attend an event where the work in NSW will be no more than 30 days in a calendar year. Not exempt from the WWC The following are not exempt from the WWCC if they are working or volunteering with a team, club, association, branch, referee branch, futsal centre or program affiliated to or operating under the responsibilty of Football NSW Police Officers, Corrections Officers and School Teachers are NOT exempt Committee members are NOT exempt, even if their own chilc attends the club Parents coaching or managing their own child’s team are NOT exempt Referees are NOT exempt

Renew or Find your WWC Number

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